What is HYPE on Campus?

HYPE on Campus brings the HYPE (Helping Youth on the Path to Employment) program model directly to your college campus, where support and services can be provided to college students with mental health conditions in the environment they are in, without disruption to their studies.

Why is HYPE on Campus Needed?

86% of college students with mental health conditions are known to drop out of college during their academic career. These students often fall through the cracks of existing service systems.  Those who have experienced one academic disruption are more likely to experience additional disruptions during their academic career.  These disruptions often result in fewer options for finishing college and entering careers that can lead to financial independence.

HYPE aims to reduce the number and duration of academic and vocational disruptions that this group experiences.

How does HYPE on Campus help students to avoid disruption?

HYPE on Campus (HOC) is a coaching model that aims to assist college students with MHC’s to develop executive functioning skills, effectively utilize campus services in order to enhance academic persistence and reduce attrition through professional and peer mentoring services.

HOC emphasizes the development of thinking, memory retention, study skills and self-regulated learning. Services are designed to bridge the gap between Disability/Accessibility Services, Counseling Services, Career Services, and more in order to enhance academic performance and build employment experience.

The overarching goal of HYPE is to better prepare this population for the competing demands of school and work.  Our team works collaboratively with campus leadership & direct service staff to create and implement a plan that is specific to your school and the needs of your student population.

Want to bring HYPE on Campus to Your School?

HYPE on Campus is available now to your college, university, or CTE program. Our experienced trainers offer state-of-the-art curriculum, materials, and skills to life through our virtual and in-person training platforms.

Our staff will help you design a program that suits your needs, so that you can help students on your campus receive the specialized coaching they need  in order to develop persistence and achieve academic success.

HYPE on Campus program development may involve:

  • Stakeholder commitment and engagement

  • Development of a program-within-a-program

  • Training and technical assistance for campus providers to implement HYPE on Campus

  • Access to all HOC materials through our Learning Management System, including:

    • HYPE on Campus Manual

    • FSST executive functioning skills curriculum (for virtual and/or in-person delivery)

    • Worksheets and associated materials

    • And more!

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