HYPE On Campus Study Overview


The purpose of this project is to test the feasibility and efficacy of a manualized, individualize intervention combining educational and employment supports for young adults with mental health conditions on U.S. college campuses.


What we hope to learn through our study of HYPE on Campus:

  • Hypothesis 1: We expect that participants in HYPE will experience fewer disruptions as they work to complete their degrees, as compared to those who are in our control group. The control group will receive enhanced services-as-usual, which includes information about academic, health, wellness, and other resources on-and-off campus.

  • Hypothesis 2: HYPE on Campus participants will achieve satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for a longer period of time than those who are in our control group.

  • Hypothesis 3: HYPE on Campus participants will experience fewer barriers to doing well academically than those in the control group.

  • Hypothesis 4: That HYPE on Campus participants will have gained more "human capital," specifically, those career-related work experiences, and paid work experiences, than those in our control group.

Pertinent Details:

  • As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, institutions of higher education around the nation were forced to close their campuses early and move their students to virtual online learning platforms. This change caused distress for many administrators, staff, and students.

  • During this time, we decided to pivot from community-supported education programs to campus-based services.

  • In order to address the new needs and be consistent with COVID-19 pandemic health guidelines, the HYPE research study modified its training approach and materials to flexibly deliver services virtually or in-person.

  • We are currently testing this model in partnership with Binghamton University.

For additional information:

Click on this link to download a copy of the BU Research Flyer: HOC at Binghamton Research Study Flyer.

Are YOU a Binghamton University student? Click here or Scan the QR code for a short survey to see if you’re eligible for the study! 


Questions? Text or call Ian Lane at:

(508) 450-6819

 Email HYPE   Email: ​HYPE@umassmed.edu

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This Research Study is approved by UMass Medical School IRB  Docket # H00017845



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