HYPE Principles

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HYPE's Principles direct the activities of the HYPE practitioner

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1. Career-oriented Services:

HYPE services assist young adults to explore, pursue, and achieve education and employment goals that will lead to a desired careers and financial self-sufficiency. HYPE services emphasize education goals that further career development.


2. Cultivation of Identity of Worker & Student:

HYPE services develop resiliency and skills  in young adults in order to create and reinforce the identity and roles of  both worker and student. HYPE works with family members and mental health providers to ensure that consistent messages and support are provided in order to prevent the creation of “disability identity.”

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3. Informed Decision Making:

HYPE services assist young adults in selecting and pursuing vocational goals that are consistent with their personal preferences, values, and interests by providing factual information and detailed alternatives to allow the young adult to weigh the long- and short-term costs, risks, and benefits of potential career pathways.


4. Service Eligibility Based on Choice:

HYPE services accepts all young adults who express any level of interest in exploring or pursuing education and/or employment. Young people are not excluded on the basis of diagnoses, symptoms, substance use history, psychiatric hospitalizations, homelessness, level of disability, or legal system involvement.

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5. Purposeful Service Coordination:

HYPE practitioners work closely with services and supports being utilized by the young adult. Given the various services young adults may be involved with (both within and outside of community mental health) concerted effort is dedicated to coordinate all services.

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6. Attention to Preferences:

HYPE services are based on the young adult’s values and choices. As such, HYPE provides assistance in the continuous exploration of any additional preferences and interests that the young adult might have.

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7. Personalized Financial Planning:

HYPE services assist young adults in understanding the impact of financial decisions on long-term self-sufficiency. HYPE services view application to SSA as a last resort and instead focused on helping the young person access other types of financial support. If the young adults are currently receiving government benefits, HYPE helps each individual develop an “exit plan” in order to achieve self-sufficiency. 


8. Rapid Goal Pursuit:

HYPE services work quickly to help the young adults enter into their desired educational or employment setting. Practitioners do not delay pursuit or entrance into either employment or education, rather, they work intentionally to overcome barriers to entrance. Additionally, HYPE supports the young adults in developing skills and seeking resources while concurrently pursuing a individual’s goals.


9. Systematic Resource Development:

HYPE services identify and link young people to naturally occurring supports and services within their communities in order to support the entrance into and maintenance of employment and education.


10. Systematic Job Development:

HYPE practitioners systematically visit employers, who are selected based on the young adult’s preferences, to learn about their business needs and hiring preferences. The long- and short-term costs, risks, and benefits of disclosure are discussed prior to job development. HYPE does not disclose the mental health condition unless requested to do so by the young adult.


11. Time-Unlimited and Individualized Support:

HYPE support is individualized and continues for as long as the young adult wants and needs the support.

Community support

12. Community Integration:

HYPE services connect young people to existing community supports in order to meet their educational and employment needs and to enhance community integration. HYPE services do not duplicate existing supports on campus nor does HYPE duplicate existing support services in the young adult’s’ community. Instead, HYPE provides additional support so that a young adult can access and benefit from the existing community service and support.


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