HYPE Training Staff

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Michelle G. Mullen, MS, CRC, CPRP

Michelle is the developer of HYPE and Principle Investigator of the NIDILRR funded Promoting Careers Among Transition-Age Youth and Young Adults with Psychiatric Conditions. She is with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and was formerly an Assistant Professor for the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions at Rutgers University and the Director of CSPR.  She received her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling with a specialization in Psychiatric Rehabilitation from Boston University and intends to complete her PhD in Social Welfare from the School of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania.   Michelle has led multiple research and development projects evaluating the effectiveness of various interventions for college students with psychiatric conditions. Her current interests and studies focus on standardizing services supporting college students with mental health conditions (e.g. Supported Education); evaluating the effectiveness of various educational supports; testing a cognitive remediation intervention for college students; and evaluating the services that are effective for young people to develop meaningful, long-term careers.  Michelle has developed of career services, by blending SE & SEd, in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. She has also assisted in developing first episode psychosis programs in various states.  Michelle is a seasoned consultant who has provided training and technical assistance to organizations, institutions of higher education, counties, states, and other countries on career services, psychiatric rehabilitation, service design, program development, and systems change.

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Debbie Nicolellis, MS, CRC, CPRP 

Debbie is the Training Director for HYPE at Transitions ACR. Ms. Nicolellis has over 30 years of experience supporting education, employment and careers for people with SMHC, and over 20 years of training experience with practitioners, administrators, peer supporters, and people who use services. Before joining Transitions ACR, Ms. Nicolellis was the Senior Training Associate at Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Division. She has led NIDILRR and SAMHSA-funded RRTC projects, developing an online training curriculum Advanced Practitioner and Peer Support Skills: Engaging People with Psychiatric Disabilities in Employment, developing the career-supporting Vocational Peer Support manual and curriculum, and directing the award-winning Certificate Program in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation, which won the 2002 RSA Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Training and Education.